BRING IT, Tony Snow!

“I don’t know what Arkansan is for chutzpah, but this is a gigantic case of it,” presidential spokesman Tony Snow said.

White House criticizes Clintons on Libby – Yahoo! News.

An open letter to Tony Snow, from an angry Populist Arkie.

Dude, I’ve always loved your columns and you were an engaging anchor (read that, “good lookin with brains” — admitted sexist comment).

I haven’t watched you much in your Press Secretary’s role, but you’re a whole lot better than any of Bush 43’s previous spokes-peeps.

But today’s comment is REEEEE-diculous!

What EVER made you think the Clintons are Arkansans? Bill was born here and still talks like an Arkie, but he doesn’t spend much time here. Hillary, an ARKIE? I spew a cold Coca Cola over my keyboard at the thought.

You’re on the money about how silly it is for Bill and Hil to ridicule the President for commuting Scooter’s sentence. But PLEASE, PLEASE keep Arkansas outta this mess.

We’re doing just fine with the Clinton Library in Little Rock and the Clintons in Washington, New York, and wherever the expensive speaking gigs take our former President.

Our sax-playing, gal crazy, policy wonk can come visit any time. He’s doing great things in Little Rock — with young people in the Clinton School of Public Service and with his favorite philanthropic programs.

But the Scooter stuff is ridiculous. All of it. Including the President’s spokesman engaging in a drive-by verbal attack that makes Arkansas look goofy. Again.

At least we ain’t Texas.

Now playing: Peggy LeeSeptember In the Rain

Now playing: Peggy LeeSeptember In the Rain

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