Kyle Busch: His fate rests with veteran driver Mark Martin

NOTE: This is an unedited rant. I’ll come back later and clean up a few of the poorly-structured sentences. For now, the uneven-ness and the lack of prose is a better reflection of my disdain for the behavior described far better than mere words could ever, ever communicate. My rant is a rare attack on two people. I barely even know them. Their consistently audacious behavior is insulting. Why I take it so personally, I’ll never know. I guess I’m an idealist, after all.

Whilst the rest of the racing world is discussing Dale Joonyah’s move to Hendrick Motorsports, I’m paying more attention to the Shrub’s situation.

Kyle Busch — little brother to Kurt Busch — is departing Hendrick so that Mr. Rick has room for NASCAR’s most popular driver (NASCAR is phasing in a 4-car limit on racing teams).

I can’t possibly describe my disdain for the Busch boys, except to say they think they’re Paris Hilton in a fire suit. I got news for em. They ARE Paris Hilton in a fire suit!

So there’s the difference between real people and “them.” They WANNA be who they are — spoiled, rich, self-centered, spineless, big-mouthed, shallow people. Sadly, Kurt and Kyle are talented racers. Their heads are so big, though, they can’t finish a race without overestimating their own talents. They have no respect for drivers — or people around them. On the track and off. And they can’t seem to finish a season without getting docked points because they’ve said — or done — something STUPID. On AND off the track.

That’s EXACTLY who they wanna be. They’re proud of themselves and of each other. While real people shake their heads in wonder, that God in all His creation would allow such audacious beings to walk on this earth. And that He is allowing TWO of them — in the same dangerous, high profile sport — to be so successful??? And that they’re so bright that they NEVER LEARN???

Well, Shrub got his today. Just like his brother, Kurt, got benched by Roush Racing for the last two events of the season 2 years ago. Reigning champ behaves so badly that he’s yanked from the car for 2 races — by his owner and his sponsors. Drinkin and drivin with Crown Royal’s “responsible drinking” campaign on hs car and doing PSAs and public speaking gigs about the dangers of mixing cars and alcohol, demanding a release from his contract, bein a freakin JERK. Yeah, Kurt got his. He was quiet for awhile under Mr. Penske’s tutelage. In the legendary 2 car that squeaky clean Rusty Wallace retired from. Sponsored by MILLER LITE. But his true colors showed again on pit road at Dover. He acted like a spoiled brat when HE spun himself and Tony Stewart out for the 30th time this season (I’m exaggerating just a bit). He pulled up next to Tony on pit road and nearly hit the crew member who jumped out to check on the Home Depot’s right-side fender. Stupid idiot got parked right then and there.

Early this season, Shrub won a race in a new-fangled Car of Tomorrow. In victory lane, the victor was asked about the new car. Shrub said, “They suck.”

Shrub got his today. Mr. Hendrick said — in a polite kinda business-like way — “You suck. Git outta my garage. Go be somebody else’s headache.”

DEI — Joonyah’s current team founded by his daddy — is expressing public interest in Shrub. Think Joonyah’s step-mama Theresa can straighten out the barely 21 year old Busch brat? She sent Dale Jr. to military school. What’ll she do to little Kyle to help him grow up?

And the idea that Budweiser would sponsor this loose cannon — brother of Mr. Duplicity where alcohol is concerned — is ridiculous.

Who’s gonna hire & sponsor NASCAR’s youngest — and most immature — driver? Every team needs a “larger than life” teammate. It’s part of the NASCAR show. Penske’s got his hands full with one Busch in the garage. Ganassi has Juan Pablo. Gibbs has Tony. Childress has Harvick. Roush has too many teams. Petty Enterprises is above needing brats for the sake of the show. Evernham ain’t got jack to offer.

Ginn has Mark Martin as resident mentor. And enough money to buy almost any driver in the garage.

It’ll be up to the grey-haired steely-eyed man in the black, Army-emblazoned fire suit to decide if the Shrub can develop the heart of a true champion in life.

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