A bum, that’s what I’ve been…

…over here at tracyplaces.com. Up until the last 7 to 10 days, I’ve been a bloggin’ maniac at www.winchellonline.com. It’s been a fruitful enterprise and I think we can keep the blog rolling with a little more effort, even though the immediate crisis about my Daddy’s health has passed, praise God.

I have been collecting lots of tracyplaces blog material and doing lots of thinkin’ bout some place posts. Maybe this weekend I can begin to catch up — at least on some of the quick entries I’d like to pass along.

Tonight’s the final night of the Old Fort Days Rodeo and I’m going with some friends. It’s always a blast.

Now playing: Edgar Meyer & Joshua BellConcert Duo Mvt. 1

2 thoughts on “A bum, that’s what I’ve been…

  1. Hey, ER. I been checkin’ in on ya some over at your place. You’re on a tear, buddy! Keep at em!!! 🙂

    You’d have loved the rodeo Saturday night. Check http://www.winchellonline.com. My letter home tonight has some good rodeo stories. 😉

    And you recognize the photo? I took it at Oak Cemetery on Greenwood. 🙂

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