Congratulations, Tom Wing!

The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith has been awarded $1,352,836 for the third phase of the Drennen-Scott Home renovation project, according to Tom Wing, assistant professor of history and director of UA Fort Smith’s historical interpretation program.

UA Fort Smith.

This is an amazing project. I love watching historical interpretation students guide visitors through this “laboratory” of history.

The point of historical interpretation is to help others make an intellectual and emotional connection with the past. Instead of “Why SHOULD this be important to me?” visitors leave the Drennen-Scott experience saying, “Wow! I’m fascinated by…” (something they saw, touched, or learned.)

ANCRC works hard at preserving Arkansas’ history — and also making it relevant to us today.

Preserving our past out of guilt is something of a waste of time. Preserving our past because we’re proud of our history and we know we can make it relevant to us today and tomorrow is a very useful endeavor.

Van Buren’s Drennen-Scott House is one of many examples of the enterprising history projects underway in our state.

One thought on “Congratulations, Tom Wing!

  1. Thanks Tracy!

    I am a little late in responding but better late than never. The Drennen-Scott project is amazing. We are excavating the footings for new supports at the moment, we found a huge leg bone under the house…it was bovine…most likely a favorite bone of one of Aunt Caroline’s Great Danes.

    I appreciate your support!


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