To casino or not to casino? | Young Emerging Leaders

To casino or not to casino? | Young Emerging Leaders.

During the past few months since I’ve been blogging — principally about Fort Smith, about Place, and about a U.S. Marshals Museum — friends have asked why I’ve refrained from mentioning the “c” word on every Fort Smith area resident’s lips.

“C” as in “casino.”

First and foremost, I’m an employee of the City of Fort Smith. I’m a staffer. Any professional involvement I might ultimately have will be initiated with a policy decision made by the City of Fort Smith Board of Directors, to be implemented — or not — by the City Administrator and his staff.

Second, I truly see both sides of this issue. I enjoy the healthy debates when the merits of this particular situation are discussed.

With that in mind, I’ve found a couple of interesting online discussions about this very subject. I will post links here as I find them.

However, please note that I have no plans to proffer an opinion here or in any other public dialogue. I’m simply a very interested bystander.

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