Mark Martin’s change in perspective…

Talladega from his couch is more fun than Dega through the windshield at 200mph plus, according to Batesville’s Mark Martin.

Last Sunday marked the first time the “crazy old man” had missed a restrictor plate race. Ever. Mark hates the 2 plus mile superspeedway. Hates restrictor plate racing. And Sunday, he took a nap in the middle of the race. TiVo allowed him to watch the finish live, along with the rest of us who enjoyed a Sunday afternoon not having to grip the seats of our arm chairs and worry if Mark would get wrecked.

About perspective, Mark says from his couch, he has much more information about the race than he does from his cockpit. He has a broader view of the competition as a whole, versus simply trying to stay alive and away from drivers he terms “weapons.”

Another perspective Mark enjoys — racing for fun, and racing to win is preferable to worrying about points racing.

I think the underlying lesson here is that in any given situation, it helps if we simultaneously have a global perspective and a more up close point of view, but we should focus on the point of view that best motivates us and helps us make smart decisions. And to make smart decisions, we must be aware of as many perspectives as we can possibly see.

Link to NASCAR.COM – Martin has new perspective of racing … from his couch – May 4, 2007

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