Ad people should attend newsroom meetings?

Ex-editor says ad people should attend newsroom meetings
Newspapers are a product and newsrooms must get on board with the business side, says former Boston Metro editor-in-chief Mark A. Phillips. “Why aren’t advertising people invited to [newsroom] meetings?” he asks. “Why isn’t someone in classifieds asked to sit in? Why aren’t parents, gas station attendants or anyone else who might read a newspaper asked what they’d like to read?”
Posted at 2:21:03 PM

Poynter Online – Romenesko.

I’ve been in television news and radio sales. Revenue generators hated news gatherers and vice versa.

Today, I work for a municipality. I’m a strong supporter of the people’s right to know about how their tax dollars are spent and how their government is run.

My different positions give me a unique perspective on this particular subject. Newsrooms typically are run with a “God-like” mentality.

“We’re the NEWWWWWSSSSS! Nobody gets to get inside our decision-making domain. We won’t be affected by any external forces — sales or public opinion. We know what’s newwwwws and what’s not nnnnneeewwwwssss. News is NOT what people WANT to know. News is what people NEED to know.”

Okay, I’m being a little melodramatic, but not by much.

This guy is doing much more than embracing a new idea. He’s — in some journalism circles — advocating newsroom heresy.

In the real world, I’d say the idea of embracing new perspectives is more about survival, and even more about bringing newness to news.

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