“Is politics the new sports?” asks Steve Klein

It took place on a college campus.
It utilized a band and cheerleaders (literally, not just the pundits and reporters).
The pre- and post- formats were right out of “ESPN College Gameday” on campus.
Is Chris Matthews the new Dick Vitale?
There’s a long and proud history of sports writers becoming political writers. But these days, political writers act like sports writers/broadcasters.

Poynter Online – E-Media Tidbits.

NASCAR champ Tony Stewart has backed off on his “bogus cautions” tirade against stock car’s sanctioning body. Assuming Tony’s criticism is correct (and I believe that to some extent it is) — that NASCAR likes to bunch up the field toward the end of the race for the sake of the show — all that’s at stake is the integrity of the sport and a whole lot of money for drivers, teams, and sponsors.

Now, let’s assume Klein’s query is correct — that politics is the new sports.

What’s at stake now? Media sponsorships (broadcast, print, satellite, online, podcasting), big contracts for the likes of Bill O, Chris Matthews, and some White House staffer-turned “analyst.”

Oh, I almost forgot what ELSE is at stake — our nation’s global reputation, the future of healthcare, our economy…

Uummmmm, what else is impacted by which candidates and political parties are in power? Let meeeee ssseeeeeeeee….

How about our fighting men and women? Their parents, spouses, children…ohhhhh yeah.

I’ve always been fascinated by political strategy and tactics. More and more often, I’m disheartened by the gamesmanship involved — especially when players forget what’s really at stake.

And I’m talking about leadership from both major political parties here…so I hope nobody piles on from one side or another. We should all demand better of our elected officials.



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