Saving Paper

Yeah, I poo-pood (sorry, couldn’t resist) Sheryl Crow’s toilet paper limiting idea. One square per visit. PLEEEEZZZZEEEEEE.

But I’ll tell ya where we spend a TON of paper in our nation’s economy. HIPAA requirements!

My mom and dad have pretty much gone back to work nearly full time — navigating the health care system. Every time they turn around, they’re signing — and receiving — another piece of paper that says the same thing. You’re entitled to privacy, yada yada.

I’ll tell ya how far it’s gone — Friday I was at Wal-Mart buying new prescription glasses. Yep. HIPPA paperwork.

The HIPAA act HAS done some wonderful things. For example, my folks have figured out that they can formally (in writing) request copies of all test results. They’re getting reports in the mail from Little Rock more quickly than they can get appointments to see the doctors. And the physicians have been very accommodating. So HIPAA has been brilliant in that regard.

Patients should have a right to see their medical records — promptly and efficiency. What we DON’T need is a landfill full of paper that reminds every American every time they have a colonoscopy, buy eyeglasses, or anything in between that HIPAA guarantees patient privacy.

One thought on “Saving Paper

  1. Interesting and very true! Everytime we go to the M.D. – we have to sign the paperwork.

    I also think about the vast amount of junk mail that ends up in landfills. Where we live, we actually don’t get junk mail…yippeeee
    Actually not getting any has really shown us how much junk mail we used to get. It is just ridiculous!

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