U.S. Marshals Service NATIONAL Museum — $25 Million from Arkansas

I’m pretty sure this ain’t an April Fool’s prank. Heck, it’s in the newspaper!

Thank you Fort Smith area lawmakers and thank you Governor Beebe!

LITTLE ROCK – A $35 million annex to the Capitol and $25 million for a U.S. Marshals Service museum at Fort Smith highlight a list released Wednesday of projects to be funded using the state’s surplus.

What we don’t know is how the money will be allocated — is it for construction only, or will the museum have access to the funding for planning? Most likely, any state dollars will be available no earlier than July 1.

It was unclear Wednesday when legislators would vote on the General Improvement Fund schedule. The list of projects must sit on lawmakers’ desks for three days before they can vote on it.
Link to Pine Bluff Commercial Online Edition

All I can say is, “Waytago Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma!” Our lawmakers and our governor have heard your unified voice chanting, “Bring It Home!”

Ain’t it amazing what we can do together?

3 thoughts on “U.S. Marshals Service NATIONAL Museum — $25 Million from Arkansas

  1. Holy sweet jumpin catfish!!!! I wanted it to happen, I thought it could happen, I dreamed it would happen……..as of today, IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! If I had some extra diabetes medicine I’d be down on Garrison right now celebrating all the rum off the shelves at Papa’s!

    Congratulations US Marshal’s Service! Congratulations Fort Smith! I’m heading out to Oak Cemetery to see if I can detect some yelling and yipping bubbling up from out of the ground.

    Thank you Fort Smith delegation! Thank you Governor Beebe! Thank you Rep. John Boozman and Senators Lincoln and Pryor and everyone else who had a hand in making this miracle happen.

    First it was Bring It Home! Then it was Welcome Home! Now it’s Start Digging! YAY US!

  2. I love you, Joe. And ER, I haven’t known you as long, but I’ve come to love you, too.

    Of course, we all know the difference between an appropriations bill and a funding bill can be two totally different numbers. So we ain’t spending no money yet. Just like Joe, though, we’re all thinking about DIGGING! 🙂

    We never, ever expected federal or state funds. We’ll still need to launch a national fund-raising effort. But any money we get from our friends in Little Rock (our state legislators have been AMAZING!!!!), will certainly help us do things more quickly — start digging and start raising money for our NATIONAL museum.

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