Quality Places Require Communication

Ever been in a gorgeous setting that you knew should be peaceful or uplifting? Except that you had a person or people surrounding you who hadn’t been communicating well? Tension as thick as dense fog hanging over a trout stream at daybreak? No fun, huh?

I think communication between and among people living in a community is critical if we are to build a “quality” place to live.

My friend Tom Kirkham offers some incredibly Lucid Points along this line in a recent post.

You know what’s cool about Fort Smith? We have a number of medium- to small-sized businesses in the area who stretch their resources to the limits because they believe so strongly in community service. Because they care. Like my friends Tom and Shayne, Jake, Granville, and the whole Kirkham team.

Some days I feel like Fort Smith is Mary Tyler Moore. “We’re gonna make it after allllll.”

Where’s my hat? šŸ˜‰

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