Crystal Bridges To Lure Tourists

 Bob Workman has been a real friend of ours as we worked to win the U.S. Marshals Service Museum. We’ve pledged to cross market our tourists. Crystal Bridges will be quite a showplace for Art enthusiasts.

The $50 million fine art museum will be the largest of its kind in middle America and Workman, the executive director, hopes to attract 250,000 people to its turnstiles every year.

“We will be a destination venue,” he said.

An economic calculator from the nonprofit Washington D.C. group Americans for the Arts put the total economic impact of the museum — including its ripple effect throughout the community — between $14 million and $17 million per year, Workman said. (To be fair, the calculator includes performing arts, which will not be part of Crystal Bridges, so the impact number may be high, Workman admitted.)

Source: – Crystal Bridges To Lure Tourists

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