U.S. Marshals Around the Globe

This Associated Press story, slugged U.S. Marshals a big presence in law enforcement even in Iraq is an up to the minute example of why the U.S. Marshals Service Museum in Fort Smith is such an important victory for our nation.

The Marshals Service — as the nation’s oldest law enforcement agency — has a fascinating history that parallels that of the United States. Like many other museums that pay tribute to events and entities in our nation’s past, the Marshals Service is a living, necessary entity that exists to ensure that freedom is in our future.

This piece interviews a deputy marshal who provided security for Saddam Hussein.

The U.S. Marshal for New York (his name is Guccione. Ya think there’s a relation???) says his fascination with the USMS began as a child:

Guccione, whose district covers Manhattan and the northern suburbs, joined the Marshal Service 15 years ago. His interest was piqued as a child through his fascination with the Old West and the early roots of “America’s star” the five-point star worn by the marshals throughout their storied history.

The global fascination for the U.S. Marshals Service is alive and well. Nearly everyone has heard of the Witness Protection Program. Few people realize the U.S. Marshals Service manages that program. Get this:

They recently began sharing the coveted techniques of the program with foreign governments seeking to establish their own witness protection plans. Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Australia, Germany and Canada were among those expressing interest.

“They are fascinated by us,” said Joseph Paonessa, a former official with the federal Witness Security Program for more than 20 years. (Emphasis added).

The men and women of the U.S. Marshals Service continue to keep law and order around the globe. From the standpoint of the U.S. Marshals Service Museum, this broad influence creates an even larger pool for fundraising, and all of the proceeds will come to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Designed and constructed properly, the museum will be a national destination, paying tribute to an American law enforcement organization that represents what nearly every law officer aspires to uphold — Justice, Service, Integrity.


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2 thoughts on “U.S. Marshals Around the Globe

  1. David —

    Your question is biased and confrontational. Nonetheless, it is valid — and important — from the global perspective of whether or not the U.S. even belongs in Iraq.

    The U.S. Marshals Service as an organization has no say in these decisions. Certainly, the men and women of the Service who are serving there aren’t in a position to make an international policy decision.

    Their job — like their brethren in military uniforms — is to keep each other alive and do their best to fulfill their assigned TACTICAL missions.

    Your beef is with the White House and the Pentagon.

    The mission of this blog — by and large — is to celebrate individuals who perform their duties with professionalism and honor and.

    I could go on about the United States Marshals Service and what it has meant — and continues to man — to our nation. I’ll save that for another post sometime.

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