The Long Arm of the Fort Smith Law…

…reaches here.

fspd-patch.jpgIn recent weeks, the Fort Smith region has been plagued by a rather brazen bank robber and our innovative law enforcement team is putting the heat on this cat — with the popular social networking portal,

They’re encouraging anyone with a myspace account to link themselves as a “friend.” That way, more people will see the pictures of this dude in action. Somebody’s bound to know him.

My friend Jarrard Copeland told 40/29 news tonight that the more this bad guy gets away with robbery, the more dangerous he’s gonna be. While they’re trying to have a little fun with getting the word out about Mr. Bad Guy, they’re serious about apprehending him.

Here’s what Jarrard said to an Associated Press reporter:

The photo gallery shows a series of bank security camera photographs, including comic captions like “Here I am robbing the Van Buren bank. See my little gun?” and “I’m robbing the bank in Fort Smith here…. I’m so cool!!!”Copeland said he didn’t go out of his way to ridicule the robber.“I’m not concerned about taunting him,” he said. “If it can get him flustered and it can cause him to slip up and make a mistake, it might help us apprehend him.”Associated Press

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has also picked up the story.Calling All Citizen Cops in Cyberspace — You’re on DUTY!Here in Fort Smith, we have a very long history of bringing bad guys to justice. I’ve no doubt we’ll see Mr. Bank Robber in custody right here in River City. Soon. In legirons.

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