Fort Smith Entrepreneur Center — Just in Time has a great post today called, “5 New Jobs of the Web 2.0 Generation.”

In town this week is a candidate for executive director of the brand new Entrepreneur Center, which is a collaborative venture among the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce, the City of Fort Smith, and the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. We’re positioning ourselves for the future economy, not the one we live in today — which will be the “old” economy before we blink our eyes.

Entrepreneurship is a craft. But given the risky nature of starting one’s own business are there opportunities to practice the skills involved? Absolutely.

1. New Media Producer

2.Clothing Label Crafter

3. Micro Investor

4. Publisher

5. Community Curator

The web is not only revolutionizing the way we work; it also creating opportunities to experiment with what that work might be. Have you tried any of these five things in your time online? What was your experience? More importantly – what have I missed?

Read Matthew Reinbold’s complete piece here. It’s short, and extremely relevant to Fort Smith’s future Link to Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive 5 New Jobs of the Web 2.0 Generation «

2 thoughts on “Fort Smith Entrepreneur Center — Just in Time

  1. Hi Tracy,

    I saw your post from a trackback on Matthew Reinbold’s article. I’m with The Hundred Dollar Business, the content project mentioned under the Publishing category on Matthew’s article.

    A couple of items– first of all, I’m curious about the Fort Smith Entrepreneur Center, as I’m currently working to help establish a similar, new entreprener in eastern Idaho.

    Also, I noticed that you’re from Arkansas– for our current publishing project, we’re profiling entrepreneurs from each state across the U.S. and the seven continents in an ebook– but don’t have a representative from Arkansas yet.

    We’d be looking for a 600 word/1 page description of how & why you became an entrepreneur, and our publishing deadline is March 8th– we’re printing and selling starting March 13th!

    I like your point about the old vs. new economy. That’s right on.

    Ping me at or take a look at our site for more info:

    Thanks for your consideration. 🙂

  2. I’ve been selling with CafePress and Zazzle for 3 years now… not getting rich, but it is some extra money coming in. Until last month I was using just the sales I got through their directory, which really wasn’t much. I hadn’t really done much to market or advertise the fact that I run 65 CafePress shops, but last month I began building a free website of my own, useing, on which to sell the products from all of my 65 CafePress shops in one place, outside of thier directory. The site itself is still under construction, but already I have seen an increase in my sales.

    I am a writer of science-fiction and romance and have considered publishing my books with Lulu, but for now I’m useing local print shops, but I want to go global so I’m looking for online POD printers like Lulu.

    Good article! Great recomendations!


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