***UPDATE**** Software Experimentation

I’ve been in contact with Stardock about my less than pleased experience with the company’s computer skins and other products. Thecustomer service office offered to refund 75% of the cost of my order. I agreed that owning 25% responsibility in my disappointment was warranted.

As we finalized our agreement in an e-mail, the customer service rep made me aware that I’d inadvertantly purchased two copies of one product and that the full amount would be refunded.

My experience with the company has been positive. I’m more convinced than ever that I simply don’t fit the product user’s profile.

I just wanna turn on my puter and engage in 2 way communications — e-mail, RSS, blogging, racing, stay current on the news, stream videos now and again, and keep my itunes up to date. And I don’t want my laptop to get bogged down in the process.

So, thank you, Stardock, for knowing I’m not in your niche. 

Yesterday I downloaded trial versions of several different utilites programs, beginning with blog editors. Tom Kirkham had recommended a couple on his technology blog, his personal blog, Lucid Points, and on his radio show.

For some reason, I couldn’t get either of those programs to communicate with WordPress. Operator error, I’m sure.

The Live Writer associated with the new Internet Explorer works really well. It’s extremely easy to post from a URL of interest. If I’m reading a story I think would work well here, I simply “blog this page.” It even recognizes if I’ve highlighted a section of copy and will automatically post that excerpt and the link to the blog editor.

Today I’m playing with a trial version of BlogJet. It’s extremely easy to use and will automatically send out my pings. That’s a big thing, since I haven’t figured out how to do that through WordPress. At some point, I get a ping on a post, but it’s most helpful if the ping goes out immediately when a new entry is added.

WordPress is a bit cumbersome when posting images — to many frames to hafta navigate. I think I’ll either upgrade to BlogJet or lean more heavily on the Microsoft add-on.

Meanwhile, I’m kicking myself for falling for a piece of software that was a total waste of time. Heck, I was so intent on trying to see what the thing did, I bought a version. WindowBlinds is a resource-sucking, frustrating, hard-to-use skin device. I trusted it because it’s posted on Dell’s resource site. The artwork was purty. By the time all was said and done, I’d downloaded several different components of Stardock products because I didn’t understand the difference between the WindowBlinds and the themes.

Somehow or other, I managed to get hold of a bunch of gizmos that you can find free through Google and now Windows Live. Again, the gizmos are resource-sucking toys. But Stardock seems to be the champ of turning a hotrod computer into an overworked ox slogging through quicksand.

It’s been a long time since I had a new computer, and I’ve re-learned a difficult lesson this weekend — be careful about what you download to your machine and be picky about what you purchase. A product doesn’t hafta be spyware-laden to create all kinds of headaches for you and your computer.

Every few years, I guess it’s okay to go on a cyber-binge and download purty thangs. But my temporary “kid in a candy store” mentality is gone — the adult had to uninstall a bunch of expensive crap this morning.

4 thoughts on “***UPDATE**** Software Experimentation

  1. There’s a clever response in here somewhere…truth is, I shopped a Mac. I LOVE my itunes. Ole Steve Jobs is proud of his notebooks. It might be short-sighted of me. The value in a Mac may outweigh its price.

    I have a feeling Mac will be a Volvo to Microsoft’s General Motors…if it’s not already…

  2. Hahaha!!! YOUR SUCH A NERD.. 😉
    It’s ok I am too.. But yes I have a mac and LUV it, although lately I’ve been having troubles with it reading burnt DVD’s.. Funny how I swore I would never touch one back in the day! How are you?
    I’m going to HI in July! My robotics team at school got first place in Nationals, now off to Regionals!

  3. I’m a PC nerd, but you’re a MAC nerd!!!

    How ya doin, cuz? I suspect more of us will be switching to MAC in the next 5 to 10 years. I ALMOST did it this time around, because I love my ipod so much.

    Vista has been a real disappointment. Thank GOODNESS I bought my new notebook just before Vista was released. They shipped me the CD, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna leave it in the envelope. The instructions for installation are pretty ominous — like reading a prescription bottle. “Warning! If this pill doesn’t make you better it might kill you, but that’s okay because if you’re dead your symptoms will be gone.” Ya know???

    Cool on the Hawaii trip — I’m impressed that your team is kicking some robotic behind. Those competitions are pretty cool.

    Spectating is fun, but I’m not enough of a nerd to actually particpate in — let alone WIN — a competition. Heh. Gotcha, cuz!!! 🙂

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