Three-Dimensional Boredom has always been a reflection of the creator’s personality — and a snapshot of “place,” not only in terms of physical locations but in more metaphorical states of being.

The last two weeks have been extremely busy, exciting, and emotional. My body’s still recovering from the evil viral infection that seems to have grabbed hold of so many people this winter.

Sooooo, has been pretty bare in terms of quantity and quality.

In fact, I’ve noticed that most posts the past 10 days or so have centered on 3 distinct, narrowly-focused, topics:

  1. NASCAR/Mark Martin
  2. U.S. Marshals Service National Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas
  3. My illness

My friend Tom Kirkham tells me he “tried” to watch the Daytona 500 last weekend, to at least gain some insight into what so fascinates me and so many others about watching guys turn left for 500 laps. Tom admits he didn’t stick around for the last 50 laps.

I explained that most casual fans watch the first 20 laps and the last 20 laps of a race. That’s how I got hooked. The whole TrackPass experience adds a dimension that TV can’t communicate. I’m in the CAR with my driver. With the new telemetry program, I can not only HEAR my driver, his crew chief, and the spotter, I can actually see his car — and which cars he’s racing. It’s multidimensional and time-consuming, to be sure. Immersion.

The steroids my doc has me on seem to be doing the trick. My chest feels better. I’m not coughing. I have LOADS of energy right now, and I’m eating like a horse. This time, I’m on the mend.

My dad came down with the flu Friday morning. Doc prescribed Tami-flu for my mom and dad. He’s already feeling better. It’s time for for all of us to get healthy again. Spring’s a’comin fer shure.

I’m excited about being a fully-dimensional me again — at work and at home. It’s time to bring multiple levels of ideas back to

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