Talladega Nights — A Study In Integrated Marketing

Ricky Bobby

Last night I bought Talladega Nights on my Dish TV pay-per-view. It was kinda sorta cute. Kinda. Good for a quiet Saturday night at home. Worth not a penny more than $3.99.

It was actually less entertaining than it was a case study in integrated marketing. I “wonder” how much Power Aid ponied up for the film? The product got prayer plugs, ferpetesake!

Power Aid has been around NASCAR for a long time so, aside from the, “Thank you Baby Jesus for Power Aid because every time I mentioned the product in a prayer I make money,” moment I wasn’t surprised at the company’s involvement in the film.

What I really “wonder” is how much Wonder Bread threw into the movie. To my knowledge, the brand has never actually participated in NASCAR. And the French villian drove a Perrier-sponsored car. Um, oooohhhhhkayyyyyyy.

It seems just about like every brand manager for any major U.S. brand needs to know something about NASCAR these days — if the corporation doesn’t participate financially at the track or even through direct sports media partnerships or sponsorships, the brand wants its name in some way attached to racing.

Them New York and LA advertising execs best start doin’ their homework when it comes ta rrrrrracin.

All 3 major NASCAR series’ have raced — or are racing — at Fontana this weekend. Oscars weekend. We thought the Daytona 500 had its share of celebrities. Makes me “wonder” something else — how much are film production companies paying NASCAR to get their stars some face time this weekend?

By the way — Mark Martin rolls off p3 in the 01 Army Chevy this afternoon. He had the Craftsman Truck race locked up Friday night until goofball Ron Hornaday jacked up Mark’s Wood Brothers Ford on a restart. Hit him so hard Mark’s rear wheels were off the ground. Kinda hard to get up to speed that way on a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

He was fast in Happy Hour, though. If he doesn’t blow an engine, look for Mark to contend again today.

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