Arkansas Surplus and Marshals Museum

NATIONAL Museum, not FEDERAL museum. NATIONAL, meaning the PEOPLE of the United States. Whatever money we get from the State of Arkansas will be greatly appreciated — AFTER the governor and legislature figure out how much money education needs. As the governor has pointed out, the United States Marshals Museum is a national project — with economic development and educational benefits. It is a wise investment, up to a point. Especially when we consider that 75% of the funding will come from outside the State of Arkansas.

Yes, $35 million in bills are floating around Little Rock. We all know very few pieces of legislation look the same coming out as they looked when they went into the process. Fort Smith would be delighted with any amount of funding — so generously OFFERED by the governor and the legislature. It will serve as seed money for a nation-wide fund-raising campaign.

NATIONAL museum. NOT federal.

What DBI says over on Arkansas Times.

Who said we’d turn down tax money? A smart man will never turn down a free meal, free sex or tax money! But already lots of private money is heading our way and to do it right it will take it all.

In my way of thinking a project that will probably turn out to be as large as the Clinton Library or larger will have to scarf up some tax money at some point…we’re charged with housing 219 years of history and counting, the Clinton Museum covers 8.

We’ve gladly bitten off tons more than we can chew, but it will be good for the Marshals, good for Fort Smith, Sebastian County, the western half of Arkansas and ultimately good for the entire state.

I’m not a bit embarrassed to ask for help from the state or the Federal government. Fort Smith has landed something no other state in the Union will get. We got it with 3 years of hard work, but more so because of 150 plus years of Marshals service in and around Fort Smith. Complete Post

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