Book Em, Dan-O!

A week ago today, I posted an essay about our responsibilities to ourselves — to occupy our minds with more than mindless drivel from TV, radio, and all the other media available at our fingertips.

I dredged up former FCC Chairman Newton Minow’s “vast wasteland” speech. Here’s a direct link to the full rant.

Imagine my surprise late last week as I perused Slate’s listing of the top 60 philanthropists for 2006.

Cats like Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates top the list. Oprah, and Paul Allen are 35th and 41st, respectfully.

It’s the 48th entry that caught my eye:


Jack “Book em, Dan-o” Lord. Hawaii Five-O


Lord left an estate of $40 million, to be dispursed after his wife’s death. Marie was in her 90s when she died in late 2005. All this according to Wikipedia, and confirmed through various obituaries I ran across.

It’s quite possible that Jack and Marie both come from old money. Still, a man forever remembered as the guy who tells Dan-O to “book em” had the heart and mind of a philanthropist and left a lasting legacy.

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