NASCAR’S Robin Pemberton says the foreign fuel additive was not jet fuel.

Excerpts from Sceneracing.com:

NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said the substance in Michael Waltrip‘s intake manifold was not jet fuel, but it was a substance that NASCAR had not seen in the “recent past.” 

“What we feel has taken place is the additive was in the fuel system through a line at some point in time, whether it was a fuel cell additive, we are going to continue our investigation,” Pemberton said. 

Pemberton said NASCAR could not determine what the substance was prior to qualifying Sunday, so it allowed Waltrip to qualify. Waltrip had claimed that it was oil. Pemberton called it a silicone-like substance and also indicated that it was not dangerous for his inspectors to handle.

“Completely different – no relationship to oil,” Pemberton said. “I don’t think this is anything that we’ve seen in the recent past. … We’re not going to go into any great detail, but it was a foreign substance that we feel should not have been inside the engine.”

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Meanwhile, Mikey was appropriately contrite:

During preparations for the 2007 season and especially the 2007 Daytona 500, I specifically requested that our competition teams not disrespect NASCAR, our competitors or our sponsors by blatantly circumventing the rules.

“This is not the action of an organization, a manufacturer or a sponsor. This was an independent act done without consent or authorization from me or any of my executive management team. As an owner, I realize I am ultimately held responsible for the actions of my employees. Therefore, I accept the penalties issued tonight by NASCAR.

“I respect NASCAR’s rules, its people and the sport’s integrity, which is why I am so sad and embarrassed. I am dedicated to get to the bottom of this because I will not let the independent act of an individual or individuals tarnish the incredible accomplishment my organization has made to be where we are today.

“I want to apologize to the other owners, who know how hard I’ve worked to get here in such a short period of time, NASCAR, Toyota, NAPA, all my sponsors, the drivers and especially the fans.”

Full Statement from Michael Waltrip — Thatsracin.com

 Very sad for a two-time 500 winner with a brand new race team. Methinks Buffy and Mikey aren’t having a very romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Buffy is listed as the car owner.

And it makes me wonder what ole DW’s gonna have to say about his little bro from the booth on Sunday. He’s gotta be hurting, too.


Holy SMOKES! Michael Waltrip’s crew chief and competition director were both unceremoniously BOUNCED from Daytona International Speedway today. The crew chief is suspended “indefinitely.”

$100 thousand in fines. Docked 100 driver points and 100 team owner points.

Mikey Waltrip has done an amazing job of starting a brand new Cup team fielding 3 brand new Toyotas. Former champ Dale Jarrett and a solid, likable young gun named David Reutimann are two of Waltrip’s drivers this season. Mikey drives the NAPA Toyota — which is the car that ran into some major inspection issues at the track last weekend.

NASCAR would only say that they discovered an odd substance in the manifold. Mikey said it was oil and they didn’t know what was wrong. That definitely shouldn’t be happening, he said.

Word in the garage is that the “substance” was remnants of some sort of “jet fuel.”

JET FUEL??? Ohhhhhmyyyyyy! That Ain’t no technical violation like what the 4 crew chiefs were tagged with yesterday. JET FUEL, fercryinoutloud!!!!

From the looks of things, Mikey’s got some splainin to do to NASCAR, Toyota, his sponsors, and probably his drivers.

No worries…we’ve known for years that Mikey’s mouth runs on jet fuel. Just keep it outta the tank, dude.

Link to FOX Sports – NASCAR – Waltrip’s crew chief suspended indefinitely

3 thoughts on “**NEW** Mikey Got In TTTTROOOUUUBBBLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!

  1. Just an aside, but jet fuel is the last thing that you would want to put into a car. It is one of the lowest grades of fuel there is – very similar to diesel and typically mixed with kerosene.

    I can’t imagine that a highly tuned engine such as those in NASCAR could benefit from the use of jet fuel. It would make more sense if they were using Avgas, which is a high-grade, high octane gasoline for piston-powered aircraft.

  2. The ER household is shocked.

    Dr. ER, Bird and I were walking out of St. Elmo’s, the great steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis, the night before the Brickyard race a few years back. Mikey was walking in. The girls squealed and excused themselves and went back in the restaurant, where it was very crowded, and where under the guise of having to go to the bathroom they squoze past Mikey, rubbing up against him so they could say they got to touch him. (Not *that* way — although I think it *was* a case of redneck socio-cultural frotteurism! Harmless. Really. … I think …)


  3. The stuff you know, Tom! 😉

    And, ER, I really do like Mikey — he’s a heckuva marketer. Folks say he’s not very smart. Welllll, I think he’s a brilliant airhead who knows how to make a lot of money being an airhead. Not unlike Lucille Ball.

    But I gotta tell ya, I NEVER considered Mikey and “that” way in the same context. Out loud or in my little brain. 😉

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