Don’t Tell Anybody, But I Like the Martin-Hendrick Partnership, Sort Of…

Today Mark Martin confirmed wide-spread rumors that he will drive a Busch car for Rick Hendrick — owner of Jeff Gordon’s championship team, and of Jimmie Johnson’s team. Johnson is the reigning Nextel Cup champion.

For years, Roush Racing fans have loved to hate Hendrick. Mark wheeled a Roush Ford for 19 years. It’s been tough enough for some long-time Mark fans to get used to him piloting a Chevy for Ginn Racing. But this Hendrick announcement is sure to drive some fans over the edge.

Frankly, I kinda like the idea. A guy Mark has battled for 19 years wanted Mark to drive for him. What a huge compliment that a former rival has that much respect for Mark — as a man, as a driver, and as a competitor. I think Mark can extend his Busch series-leading win record in a Hendrick Chevy.

HHHHHOOOOWWWEVER, I physically shivered when I read the last couple of graphs of today’s release. Mark will be driving the 5 car in the Busch series and he’ll be sharing seat time with…uuuuuuggggghhhhhh, shhhuuuddddderrrrrr, gggggaaggggggggggggg, couuuuugggghhhhhhhh, KYLEBUSCH.

IIIICK!!!! Kyle Busch. Shrub. Kurt’s snotty, whiny little brother. Sigggghhhhhhhh. I really hate that.

Then again, the kid IS the youngest driver in the garage. He IS spoiled, and he DOES need a good role model. Oh, and he DID pull Greg Biffle out of a crashed car during a test a few weeks ago.

Mark, I hope some character rubs off on Kyle.

Link to NASCAR.COM – Martin to drive three NBS races for Hendrick – Feb 14, 2007

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