Customer Service In Local Government: A Sweep!

Last week on TracyPlaces, I posted kudos to Sebastian County and the State of Arkansas for making it easy to renew my car tags — even though I was a few days late in taking care of business.

On Sunday, Times Record Business Editor Michael Tilley devoted his weekly column to acknowledging the City of Fort Smith’s willingness to work with businesses.

Customer service and ease in navigating red tape certainly contributes to a better place to live, work, and play.

And today, the big news across the state is that we’re another step closer to enacting the largest tax cut in Arkansas history.

By the way, my vehicle assessment last week means I’ll owe about $70 or less in personal property taxes later this year. The car tag renewal was about $25. And the grocery tax appears to be going away, assuming the governor signs the recently-passed legislation this week. It’s one thing to read “cost of living” data, it’s quite another thing to experience it. Life is good. 😀

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