NASCAR Marketing: Great Idea, Poor Execution

So I’m watching Daytona 500 qualifying on Fox. The interview with Jeff Gordon prompted me to action. He’s holding a silver can — unmarked in any way. “Test can,” the pit reporter called it. Gordon said he thought since his team was looking after every last detail on his car, he’s doing something good for himself.

“And if you want to find out more [about this Pepsi product] you gotta go to” 

So I went to Jeff, looking for this mystery Pepsi product that must be good for you.

Link to Welcome to :: Home

I don’t see nuthin bout no test can, do youuuuuu??? 😦

2 thoughts on “NASCAR Marketing: Great Idea, Poor Execution

  1. I did the same thing. There is a teeny tiny link on the pepsi-dot-com page to a new sports/redbull type drink to be released in March or May or some other time in the future. I got sidetracked by the design your own paint scheme for the car link and played with that while boring people qualified.

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