NASCAR’s Bud Shootout: "Best Pre-season in Sports"


Less than 3 hours away from Nextel engines firing at Daytona. Mark Martin rolls of 10th in his record-extending 19th Bud Shootout all-star event. To be sure, he’ll be dashing for cash in that black 01 Army Chevrolet. I think the winner’s purse is about $200k.

Mark’s always more fun to watch when money — not points — are on the line. I think if Ginn Racing and new crew chief Ryan Pemberton can give him good equipment, we’re gonna see a hard-charging Martin every time he straps himself in for a race.


Here’s a great piece from ESPN about what an amazing pre-season event the Bud Shootout is. 

Link to – Blount: Here’s to the best preseason in all of sports

5 thoughts on “NASCAR’s Bud Shootout: "Best Pre-season in Sports"

  1. The ER’s are *there.” Dr. ER and I are in Stillwater to watch it at Bird and Yankeebeau’s place. On Harvick, in his fancy new car! On Junior! On Martin! On Mikey! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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