Congrats, Tony!

The 20 car of Tony Stewart won the Bud Shootout tonight. He did it by lopping the shrub (Kyle Busch). Kinda got the kid loose. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving cocky kid. Heh.

Mark sounded really happy with the way his car was handling. The car was stout at the end — he got shuffled back trying to save the piece — and just powered his way back to the front with just a few to go. On the last lap cars wuz wreckin’ all around the 01 Army car. Mark managed to miss em and finished 6th. (Ironic, eh?) Anyway, I’m pretty sure his old 6 cars were heavily magnetized to catch stupid stuff. This one almost has an opposite force field to shield him from wrecked sheet metal.

Mark said it felt good to drive a car that handled that good. The engine has a bit of a miss in it on certain spots on the track, but he’s pumped about his chances of winning the 500 next Sunday.

So racing season has begun. If NASCAR can get it’s TrackPass upgrades squared away, it might be fun to watch me some racing the next few weeks. 😉

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