The Hog Saga Boils Over — Again

Blogging within an Arkansas zip code probably requires that I address today’s whole big thing between DemGaz sports editor Wally Hall and Coach Houston Nutt.

Hall’s criticism of Nutt and the sports program is unprecedented. Arkansans hadn’t even had time to pick our jaws up off the floor after reading this morning’s edition of the paper before Nutt had called a Little Rock radio program featuring Wally Hall. I didn’t hear the conversation, but the best collection of blow-by-blow accounts appears to be on

Link to – – Ark. Business online media newspaper Arkansas News ebusiness research journal

I found an audio streaming version of Nutt’s conversation this morning. He did a great job of defending himself against specific charges. From the sound of his voice, he was most angry that he’d been accused of playing an injured Darren McFadden and putting the Heisman runner-up in danger of permanent injury. Nutt clearly took umbrage at that allegation. Wally didn’t say much of anything during the conversation. Betcha the DemGaz sells some papers this weekend, in anticipation of, “What’s Wally gonna say NEXT?”

I’m a big fan of Arkansas Business but I still don’t understand how Razorback sports impact our state’s economy. The weekly biz mag has a great biz model — sell papers. Hogs sell papers. Figure out how to turn Hogs into a bidness story. Still, it grates on my nerves that Hogs are headlines in a pub ostensibly dedicated to business topics.

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