Dale Jr. NASCAR Media News Conference Transcript

My friends give me grief because I’m talkin’ history and/or communications one minute and the next minute I got a NASCAR conversation going. But part of my fascination with NASCAR is the back-story and marketing and personalities and such.

Sports fans who don’t have much of an interest in NASCAR are at least vaguely aware of the contract negotiations between American racing’s biggest star and his step-mother/co-owner.

I’m fascinated by what Dale Jr. had to say at media days in Daytona this week. About his contract, here’s the Q & A that led to Jr. abruptly getting up and walking out of the news conference.


“The main factor is the ownership part. It has nothing to do with money and nothing else really. I would really like my team; I like how things are going. Max is going to be great for the company. The motors are improving, everything is on an upswing. My father has been gone for almost six years now; I want majority ownership. “
OVER 50%?

Link to Dale Jr. NASCAR Media News Conference Transcript

So…were Junior’s comments a tactical maneuver or an emotional blunder? That “wondering” is one big reason I’m such a student of NASCAR.

Ain’t nuthin more interesting than politically savvy rednecks charged with emotion. The opposition is always wonderin…”just how crazy IS he???” Heh. I like it.

2 thoughts on “Dale Jr. NASCAR Media News Conference Transcript

  1. Wull, hell yeah he deserves majority ownership of DEI. Is that why he walked out? ‘Cause he realized he’d just come out and SAID it?

    This is why I loves me some Junior, ’cause I feel exactly the same way about my own self and the bidness I’m in, especially the very last sentence:

    “The thing about it is, I didn’t ever think that I’d be good enough to race full time. I didn’t ever think I’d be able to hold down a job as a driver or win at the Cup level. I never thought I was going to make it. I look around and I see people that have followed their fathers’ footsteps in this sport, limited success or not. I just never counted on it so I had no goals set as a driver. I raced late-models, didn’t win anything. It was basically a hobby. I’ve already accomplished more than I ever thought I would; I’ve shook hands and met people and done things that I’ve never thought I’d see or do.”

  2. Yeah — Joonyah is just a guy. He is what he is. That’s why I’d be fascinated to know if he walked out because he didn’t mean to blurt out his thoughts.

    Owning a controlling interest in the team is the only way he’s gonna have the autonomy he’s earned as a driver and the only way he’s gonna be able to take care of his crew with equipment to do their jobs or with financial compensation packages. Let Teresa make money off Dale Sr. merchandising. Joonyah has earned the right to hang onto his own merchandising and to call the shots on all racing matters.

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