Blogging for Bucks

I remember the old days of Dialing for Dollars on KARK-TV in Little Rock with Tom Bonner, Beth Ward, Dave Woodman. All across Arkansas, residents would wait for the phone to ring from noon to 12:30 each weekday. They were ready with the “count and the amount.” If they were right, they’d win the jackpot — sometimes in the hundreds of dollars. If they were wrong, they’d get a carton of Cokes.

So now it’s possible to make money by being a voice in cyberspace. Pick a topic. Any topic. This blog is mostly about place and perspective. The Wall Street Journal has the following Q&A about making a career of blogging.

Most self-employed bloggers earn anywhere from $2000 to $10,000 per month, eh?

I think I’m on the “carton of Cokes” program.

Link to CollegeJournal | Find a Career Path

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