A Rare Photo of Jim Holland

Memorial Day Weekend 2006 in front of the Bonneville Clayton House. (Thank you, dear editor, for the back-channel correction). We had fun that weekend. We knew we were makin’ history. And we did. 😀

Left to Right: Mary Jane Hennig, Jim Holland, Angel Hartman, Greg Hartman

Photo taken by yours truly. In the Bon Jovi “Story of My Life” video, this shot came in at “or something worse” in the lyrics. Greg and I thought it was perfect there. He said, “I’ll take that hit!” 😀


I’m gonna write the melody
That’s gonna make history
And when I paint my masterpiece
I swear I’ll show you first.
There just ain’t a way to see
Who and why or what will be

Til now is then
It’s a mystery
A blessing and a curse
Or something worse

This is the story of my life
And I write it every day
I know it isn’t black and white
Or anything but grey
I know to know I’m not alright
But I’ll be okay

Cause anything can,
Everything can happen
I’ve been thinking
Maybe you can help me
Write the story of my life
Whaddya say

This is the story of my life
And I hope you’re by my side
When I’m writing the last page…

One thought on “A Rare Photo of Jim Holland

  1. I just returned from Jim’s memorial gathering. First off, I was wrong about rare photos of Jim. His brothers built an amazing slide show chronicling Jim’s life. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

    In one photo, Mary Jane looked like Annie Hall. In another, she looked like Emmylou Harris. 😀

    What struck me most were the people gathered there seeking comfort. One guy looked like a street biker. I’d never seen him before. Others were titans of industry, small business owners, lots were in the creative arts.

    I’ve no doubt that Jim treated every one just the same.

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