Say “Thanks!” to the United States Marshals Service

welcomehomead.jpgDirector of the U.S Marshals Service, John Clark, will be in Fort Smith on Wednesday, February 21 to see Fort Smith for the very first time.

Once again, we’re inviting at least 800 of our bestest buddies to a luncheon at the Holiday Inn City Center.

Clark accepted the U.S. Marshals Service Site Selection Committee’s recommendation to bring the museum home to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

During his visit, Director Clark will visit both of the proposed locations, meet with museum team leaders, and with local and regional elected officials. We have some great surprises in store.

Last November, it was standing room only at the Holiday Inn, as descendants decended on the facility and chanted, “Bring it Home!”

Descendants from as far away as Oklahoma City showed up to stand up and say, “I’m a descendant of…”

It was truly an amazing spectacle. There’s no way to predict exactly what might happen, but I can guarantee you — the experience will make you feel good about who you are, how you got here, who your ancestors are (whether they’re on the right side or the wrong side of the law), and what “home” means to you.

I hear our friends in Oklahoma have some really cool special appearances lined up. History will be made.

Save a seat now. 479.783.6118. My friends at the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce will gladly accept your reservations

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