Cough Your Way to 6-Pack Abs…

…with THIS bioterroristic viral infection. Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s as easy as breathing a microscopic germ spread by somebody coughing or touching a door handle. Just breeeeaaathe in, and keep walking. Then, in just 3 weeks, you’ll have coughed your way to six-pack abs. Not just that, but you’ll have lost 10 or 15 lbs. to boot.

No muss, no fuss. Leave those gym bags under the bed. Keep the running shoes on your back porch for somebody to trip over. Let your cat deflate the exercise ball.

This viral infection replaces all the exercise junk you’ve bought on TV before. All, for the price of breathing.

somerestrictionsdoapply. notavailableinallstates. physicianchargesmayapply.

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