Gets Social in 3-D Makeover

Yeah, I’m on a NASCAR goes for flash glitz over substance tirade tonight…

Actually I like the idea of a Web 2.0 type social portal. Except this is NASCAR, folks! The most clique-ish club on the planet. Fans have such bizarre loyalties — driver versus team versus manufacturer versus track versus corporate sponsor, etc.

I’d hate to be the moderator for the social boards. It’s tough enough for a fan to go to her own driver’s team site and carry on a decent conversation without getting flamed by some troll, or a fan of another driver on the team.

But the 3-D experience looks like a blast — for years I’ve said in-car radios are the only thing that keeps me engaged Sunday after Sunday. TV just doesn’t give you enough information about YOUR driver. This takes the “ride with your driver” interaction to a whole nuther level.


According to Dick Glover, vice president of broadcasting and new media at NASCAR Digital Entertainment, TrackPass RaceView provides hardcore fans with an “unparalleled interactive racing experience” to follow their favorite driver alongside the race telecast.

Link to Gets Social in 3-D Makeover

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