Microsoft Vista & Office 2007

Sooooo as I continue my recovery from this evil “viral infection” as the doctor calls it, I’ve been playing with my new Dell Inspirion 1705 — finding new features I didn’t know existed. Reading up on Vista, wondering when my OS upgrade will arrive and if I’ll have trouble installing it. Playing with Microsoft Live. Enjoying the trial copy of Microsoft Notes. Finding myself using Internet Explorer more than my Firefox browser.

I’m thinking, “Maybe I should invest in Microsoft Office 2007, instead of relying on OpenOffice. “Yeah, maybe I’ll ask my geek speak to English friend Tom Kirkham to give me some advice.”

Then a blog post from Mr. Kirkham’s Lucid Points hits me right betwixed my eyes:

I am going to make an effort to move to open source or free software for everything – operating system, office productivity applications – everything.  And it is a real shame, because I like Microsoft products for the most part, but I cannot tolerate their utter disrespect for my time.  Oh yeah, Adobe, Corel, Symantec – you are just as guilty.

The entire rant, if you dare 😉

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