Erudite NASCAR — Tirade Continues

I just can’t STOP myself.

Anybody know what couture is? Anybody? Anyone?

Google’s dictionary defines couture as a “French word meaning sewing or needlework. Now means the top end of the womenswear market.”

And what, pray tell does this have to do with NASCAR???

Weeeellllll, lemme tell ya. Thes gals from Memphis — one a former New York make-up artist, and the other an MBA grad — got together last year and launched a NASCAR clothing line for wimmin. It’s called TrackCouture.

Couture, they agree, is not a term generally associated with the NASCAR crowd. But that’s the point. “Our designs are more stylish and higher-priced than the usual NASCAR gear,” says Smith by phone from Memphis.

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Here’s what inspired the high-priced self-described “flirty” and “feminine” stuff.

“When I was invited to my first race meet two years ago, I couldn’t find anything to wear that was cute,” says Heros, an MBA graduate from the University of Mississippi, who was working as a special-events planner at the time.

Frustrated, she bought a white baby T-shirt, added gold-colored sleeves and appliqued a black number 22 onto the back. “We were supporting the Caterpillar car – the gold 22 car,” she explains.

These gals are from Memphis, and they were supporting the 22 Caterpillar car owned by Bill Davis Racing. He’s a Batesville, Arkansas boy. Makes ya kinda wonder if there’s a connection…

Anyway, my Batesville boy, Mark Martin, is among the drivers signed to the company. Mark’s wife Arleene is a good ole Batesville girl, not much of one to hang at the track with the trophy wives.

And, no. I DON’T want anything from this wardrobe. I’ll need new Mark Martin 01 Ginn Racing Chevy attire soon — but I’m thinkin’ long-sleeved t-shirt or a ball cap. Unisex, please. Nothing with PINK on it, thankyouverymuch.

2 thoughts on “Erudite NASCAR — Tirade Continues

  1. They’re gonna keep on till they just rurn everything! These Southern gals have done got above their raisin’!

    I keep meanin’ to blog about this, but I wish the redneck remnant in racin’ would secede and form SASCAR — the Southern Association of Stock Car Auto Racing — and let the goofballs threatenin’ to rurn everything just go their own way!

  2. SASCAR. That’s funny, ER. 😀

    Can you freakin BELIEVE the whole clothing line thing??? sheesh…

    Sad thing is, they’ll prolly make milllllllions…

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