Sports Illustrated — Insensitive Line of the Year

A Roush Racing hauler was involved in a multi-car pile-up in West Texas today.

Early reports indicate the driver of the NASCAR hauler – Joe Milliken – is critically injured. Others were also transported to a hospital.

So here’s the SI line that really torques me BAAAAAAAD:

A spokeswoman for Concord, N.C.-based Roush Racing said it was unclear if the cars, en route to North Carolina from Las Vegas, were damaged in the crash.

Full SI story

SI makes no mention of the driver’s name or injuries — I found that info on

I’m trying to find out how long Milliken has been the driver for the 6 team. My favorite driver, Mark Martin, just left the 6 after 19 years. Whaddo I CARE if the cars are messed up??? Even if they were still Mark’s cars, I wouldn’t give a darn. Cars can be replaced. People can’t.

By the way, here’s a cool video on USA Today, giving a glimpse of what it’s like to be on the road with a NASCAR hauler.

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