Moose Banner

Okay, sometimes a change of perspective, a change of place is in order.

It’s been snowing alllllll day — and sticking. Outside my window, I have a limited view of streets (on a slight grade) that lead to a main arterial highway. Slippin’ and slidin’ like crazy, made me glad I was lounging in my bed with my last cup of hot soup from Pho.

Still, my visit to the doc wasn’t exactly what I “ordered.” I’d hoped I could go back to work today but her note says, “Return to work Monday, Feb. 4.” So there ya go.

I’m ticked off about being on the sidelines. Every time I try to talk on the phone, I go into another coughing fit. So, yes, I belong right here — watching the snow and being quiet.

Even so, the new banner of Moose and the green grass may help give me a better attitude…

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