Dale Jr. – Life Ain’t A Bed of Roses

Arguably the most popular driver in all of motorsports, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. told reporters recently that his relationship with step-mother — and boss — Teresa Earnhardt “ain’t a bed of roses.”

Jr. is in contract negotiations with DEI Motorsports, the company founded by his father, and being run by Teresa.

If you’re a NASCAR fan, and your driver ain’t Dale Jr., it’s easy to whine about all the media attention he gets.

But ya know what? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t trade places with Jr.

Ed Hinton isn’t the most likable motor sports journalist, but his in-your-face-don’t-mince-words opinion column this week offers the most insight on what it must be like to live — and drive — in the shadow of his legendary father. And if that’s not enough, the 32 year old’s step-mother treats him like she did when he was a young boy.

Back when the toddler proclaimed himself to be “Dale! … Earnhardt! … Junior!” his father was a struggling racer, often running on borrowed money, sometimes spinning out other dirt-trackers just to finish well enough to pay off the 90-day notes and maybe buy some groceries. More

I’m liking Jr. more all the time.

5 thoughts on “Dale Jr. – Life Ain’t A Bed of Roses

  1. Yep. Ah tell yew whut, though, ah think, ah say, ah think the spattin’ betwixt Junebug and his step-mama are overblown.

    The power vaccuum left in that family, and in DEI, when Dale died must be incredible. ‘Sides that, no head-strong Southern boy with a step mama like Teresa (and by that I mean head-strong) should be expected to get along with her, even, or maybe even especially, if his name is Earnhardt!

  2. That’s awesome stuff, ER.

    Only one thang wrong with the piece — nowheres in there does ya talk about Mark Martin.

    That’s kinda like the Perfect Country & Western Song — it ain’t perfect without Mama, a train, prison, and gettin drunk.

    Cain’t do no ar-tickle about racin’ as a way of life — specially when ya mention Tri State Speedway — without talkin’ bout the little man from Batesville.

    I was listening to Mark’s in-car at Richmond a few years ago (TrackPass online) and he started askin’ for lap times and leader at the line.

    First year crew chief Pat Tryson (a former football lineman and easily 250 lbs. er better) and spotter Eddie Pardue wouldn’t respond. I think Pat was tryin’ to figger fuel and stuff.

    Lap after lap went by and Mark’s voice got squeakier and squeakier.

    Finally, the 5’6″ 135 lb. driver screams, “If you boys don’t start givin’ me lap times and leader at the line, this little bitty boy from Arkansas is gonna come WHOOP YOUR *bleeeeeeeep*

    Them boys started talkin’ to their driver after that. 😀 Cause they knew darned good and well, the son of Julian Martin had the mental toughness, the physical strength, and the fiery attitude to tear them UP! And wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

    Betcha the purty boys in open-wheel at Indy would run from a good fight — ceptin’ Paul Tracy. Heh.

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