Flu or Bioterrorism?

This flu stuff is horrible. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a diabolical bioterror serum distributed via airborne devices. Yeah, that was in a Clancy novel…

This stuff is E-V-I-L. I’m tellin’ ya, don’t get within 3 feet of anybody who’s coughing. Here’s some stuff from Arkansas Department of Health and CDC in Atlanta.

Little Rock–The Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health (DOH), reports that flu activity is on the rise in the state, and there is still flu vaccine available this year. Cumulative flu reports received by the DOH as of January 21, 2007 show positive A cultures/PCR’s from the following counties: Ashley (1), Pope (3), Pulaski (7) and positive B cultures/PCR’s from: Columbia (3), Garland (1), Pike (2), Pulaski (1) and Union (1).

The following counties have reported influenza-like illness: Arkansas, Ashley, Baxter, Benton, Bradley, Calhoun, Carroll, Clark, Clay, Cleburne, Columbia, Conway, Craighead, Crawford, Crittenden, Cross, Dallas, Desha, Drew, Faulkner, Franklin, Garland, Grant, Greene, Hempstead, Hot Springs, Howard, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Johnson, Lawrence, Lincoln, Little River, Lonoke, Madison, Miller, Mississippi, Monroe, Nevada, Perry, Poinsett, Polk, Pope, Prairie, Pulaski, Saline, Sebastian, Sevier, St. Francis, Union, Van Buren, Washington, White, and Woodruff.

I keep reading news stories, with health departments across the country advising people to get their flu shots — it’s not too late. Welllll, lemme tell ya. I GOT MY FLU SHOT!!!! They MISSED THIS ONE!

Last night I e-mailed colleagues that this was the “second worst I’ve ever felt in my whole life.”

Today I’d like to revise that — it’s THE worst I’ve ever felt in my entire life on this earth. According to CDC, these are some of the symptoms:

  • Fever (usually high)
  • Headache
  • Tiredness (can be extreme)
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Body aches
  • Diarrhea and vomiting (more common among children than adults)

Having these symptoms does not always mean that you have the flu. Many different illnesses, including the common cold, can have similar symptoms.

“Yes,” to all of the above — and CDC left out the best stuff.

My mom is back on her feet, finally, and came up to check on me today. Between hacks and coughing fits, we traded symptoms — including these really scary hot flashes, dizziness, weak-in-the-knees-I-gotta-sit-down-right-now episodes. At one point, each of us discovered after the fact that we’d gone outside in the 20 degree weather just to get cooled down. I swear steam was comin’ off my whole body like a football player’s helmet-less head at the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field.

And then there’s the whole, “I think my eardrums are about to burst!” syndrome — the popping is so loud it jarrs your eyeballs. I kid you not.

By the way, the Arkansas Health Department spokesperson is Ann Wright — we used to work together at KARK TV in Little Rock in, like, 1986 or sumpthin. We both ran camera during live newscasts.

I know I’m rambling and way off topic. Tracy’s place right now is pretty darned icky. Flu shot didn’t work. The best I can tell ya is stay away from coughers, sneezers, and wheezers. I hate being off more than a week’s worth of work, but I’d hate it worse if I’d continued to spread this stuff. So if you’re sick, STAY HOME!

I cannot possibly over-estimate how BBBBBBAAAAAAAAADDDDDD this stuff is.

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