How Bout Them Hogs!

Beverley Leads Arkansas to Road Upset of No. 12 Alabama
Courtesy: Associated Press

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) -Arkansas was determined to earn its first road victory in the Southeastern Conference – and it showed.

Patrick Beverley scored 19 points and the Razorbacks dominated No. 12 Alabama for 30 minutes before hanging on to win 63-57 Saturday.

“We’re fed up with losing, especially on the road. We came out and played hard. We’re good when we play hard,” said guard Sonny Weems, who had 16 points to help Arkansas improve to 1-3 in SEC road games.

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A couple of observations, since I didn’t feel like watching the game very closely (yeah, yesterday was the WORST…but that’s another story). The kid my mom has “adopted” for the season is Steven Hill. The kid had, like, 16 rebounds, 8 points, and I think 4 blocked shots (my eyes are a little unreliable today). After the home game last Saturday against LSU, when Hill scored 16 points or so, I told my folks, “that kid will have a triple-double or two before the season’s over.” He got awfully darned close to a double-double yesterday.

The thing I remember thinking as I tried, and failed, to concentrate on the game is that the guys were playing soooooo hard.

I ain’t got the right to speak for all Razorback fans, so I’ll just speak for me. I like winning. Actually, I LLLLLUUUUUUVVVVV winning. But last time I checked, the Hogs were a collection of college teams, made up of kids in their teens and early 20’s. Ain’t it fun to watch a team like that walk into a hostile arena — TUSCALOOSA, no less, where more talented and higher-ranked Arkansas teams have had their heads handed to them — and just flat out do the job??? That’s poise. Character. Faith. All that stuff.

Hopefully, the basketball Hogs learned something about themselves yesterday. And if we fans are paying attention, maybe we learned something too; that Mama’s nearly always right — and good things DO happen when you keep your wits about you, keep working hard, and stick to your knittin’.

Seems to me the football team — I mean TEAM — did the same thing last season. I hate losing those last 3 games but, in retrospect, look what those kids accomplished despite what we now know was a locker-room atmosphere nothing short of a reality TV producer’s dream.

Go Hogs!

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