6 thoughts on “I Surrender…

  1. Zilch on the Z Pack — pharmacy just dropped off a 10-day anitbiotic, something called guiaf, and a widdwe bottle of Tussionex. I can usually tell by the size of the Tussionex scrip just how sick I really am. Not so much this time. Except I dunno what this guiaf is. Gotta go use the Google…

  2. It’s guiafenisen — helps keep stuff loose so you can cough it up. An expectorant as opposed to a suppressant. Drink a lot of liquids, too — and eat soup.

  3. A librarian knows… 😉

    My daddy brings me soup every day — veggie stew yesterday. Tater soup today. And some jalapeno cornbread that made my eyes bug out!

    2 to 3 jugs of filtered water a day, along with a glass or two of OJ and a cup or two of tea. I’m floating in fluids.

    Thanks for heppin. 🙂

  4. You got me pegged, ER. A few years ago, I had pneumonia. My folks lived in Little Rock at the time. He drove all the way up here with a big ole pot of veggie soup and drove home. Pretty quick after that, when doc threatened to throw me in the hospital, Daddy came up and stayed with me until Mama could get to me — she wuz still workin’ at the time.

    Anyway, it’s a whole bunch easier now that they live in Lavaca. I keep thinkin’ I’m supposed to be takin’ care of THEM, and it don’t work that way very often…

  5. It’s after 5, and all I have to say is, “Ugggggghhhhh.”

    Why do I gotta almost get pneumonia every time a respiratory infection comes within a day’s drive o me…

    The medicine makes me feel as bad as the crud does.

    So, for now, just, “Uggggghhhhh.”

    And I swore I wasn’t gonna turn this into a personal diary…(sighcoffsighcoffcoff)

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