Huckabee Headlining CNN

When Wolf Blitzer gets breathess, we know he needs a tug off his inhaler (wait, that’s me), or he’s got something exciting to share with us a bit later. Wolf, such a tease.

Anway, I have the teevee on reaaaaal low but caught ole Wolf whispering something. I heard him say, “Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.”

Used the Google and came up with a PR Newswire release and a prettier version of the same thing from KATV in Little Rock.

Mike’s past the point of thinking about thinking about running for president. Now it appears he’s gonna ask somebody else to think about him running for president. And how much money can he collect whilst he ponders?

Look at his blogspot page. Nice shot in front of Air Force One. Positioning, baby!

That’s not nice. I shouldn’t say stuff like that.

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