Me and Aunt Nina’s Card Board Mark Martin

The Daytona 500 ain’t too far down the road. Time to gear up, get the gasoline runnin through my veins. Maybe that’ll get rid of the flu or crud or whatever’s kept me in bed all week. Have I mentioned my brain’s turning to mush?

Anyway, I’m changing my header — it’s cardboard Mark Martin and me, posing in front of Mark’s dealership last spring.

Aunt Nina took the pic. She also insisted that I get in line and get the danged cardboard Mark autographed.

Anyway, Aunt Nina’s stove up — she had her knee scoped last week, but she’s back at work.

All the press photos with Mark in his 01 Army suit look goooooood! Black suits him. Can’t wait to see him pass a few Roush cars. 🙂 I like them Roush drivers — specially Carl. But Mark’s just da man.

I’m gonna clean up myself and the kitchen, re-make my bed, and then crawl back in it. Hot tea with honey and Robitussin DM ought to get me a good night’s sleep.

By the way, check out Mark’s museum at his dealership. It’s a dang cool place.

2 thoughts on “Me and Aunt Nina’s Card Board Mark Martin

  1. Heh. Bird, my redheaded redneck stepchillum, now a junior at O-State, has a cutout of Junior in her old room. 🙂

    Harvick is officially my driver; Junior is a close, close second. We like Mark M., too.

    Closest pick I have to that, tho, is me standin’ next to “Jesse Jackson” in D.C. Jesse looks a bit wan. 🙂

  2. I stood next to Jesse in Starkville, Mississippi. 1987ish he wuz runnin for prez. My first sperience with Secret Service guys and their Uzis.

    The big jet on the runway served as one perimeter. 3 or 4 Uzi totin dudes filled in the gap between the tarmac and where we reporters had mics jammed in Jesse’s face.

    I looked behind me, wonderin where the snipers were located, which would, by my way o thinkin’, provide the rear perimeter of security.


    Wadn’t nobody protecting the backs of us reporter types. I realized we’d be the ones takin a bullet in the back if a sniper had a mind to take aim at Jesse right thare in Starkville.

    I think a lot of ole Joonyah. And Harvick is growin on me. That he can’t stand the Busch and the Shrub sent his stock in orbit, as far as Iuz concerned! 😀

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