***UPDATED — Van Buren UFO Mystery Solved???

Lasure’s full story is posted online here

Sara Lasure on Channel 5 is live now — did a great job with an odd story.

The newsroom line has apparently been hot, with callers saying they saw the lights, too. Sara says some Winslow residents report seeing the bright lights on the night in question. Trouble is, everybody’s brave when you’re on the phone and anonymous.  Heh.

Sara says she talked with the Commander of the 188th Fighter Wing, Kevin Wear. He thinks the lights were A-10s firing something called “suspended flares” over Razorback Range on the night in question.

Bob Moody was interviewed — he’s the resident expert on all things astronomical in these parts.

I’m thinking chiropractors are gonna make some bucks here in the next couple of weeks — what with all the necks craning to see strraaaaanggge lites in thuh skyyyyyy. Heh.

9 thoughts on “***UPDATED — Van Buren UFO Mystery Solved???

  1. Prolly so. He’s the resident stars guru. Doesn’t Waldron or Mansfield or summers’ have an observatory? Seems like…

    I took meds to prevent last night’s stay awake to cough experience. Methinks I’ll sleeeeeep vewy vewy well. Hate I’m missin the State of the Union and Da Bears/Saints replay. Either way, ya know how it’ll turn out. So I think I’ll drift off into peaceful slumber.

  2. Now that’s weird, ER. Talk about a small, small world. I probably lived in Little Rock or Meridian, Mississippi then. Ah, Meridian. Friendly, Festive, Unforgettable.

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  4. The Arkansas Oklahoma Astronomical Society (AOAS) named its observatory after Doug Coleman, a founding member of AOAS and probably the best pilot the 188th ever had… possibly the best in the ANG at that time. Doug lost his life in an F4 crash near Waldron AR back in 1985 and I belive the original Coleman Observatory was located on a mountaintop not far from the crash site. It is now located just outside Van Buren.

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