Racin’ Ain’t Always All In the Family

Bobby Hamilton, Jr. says he’s “washed his hands” of the Craftsman Truck series team founded by his father.

Jr. will be driving in the Busch series this season and, at a tearful news conference yesterday, told reporters he doesn’t want anything to do with Bobby Hamilton Racing. Jr. says that before Sr’s death, he talked with his dad about the direction of the truck series team.

According to son, dad told him the legacy isn’t a race team — it’s Bobby Hamilton, Jr.

Bobby Sr. was a tough guy. He earned everything he ever had. Left the Cup series to start his own multi-truck team. Drove his own truck to a CTS championship.

We’ve been reminded this week that Jr. is as outspoken and direct as his old man was. Now, we’re about to find out if Jr. has what it takes to be successful in racing on his own terms — just like his daddy.

For those who aren’t race fans, Bobby, Sr. died of throat cancer earlier this month. He stepped out of his BHR truck early last season for treatment of the illness. Jr. drove the remainder of the truck races, finishing in the top 10 only once — at Homestead — the final race of the season.

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