Proof That Media DO Crave Good News

It’s easy to blame the media on spreading bad news. Hey, news organizations work hard to report what people are interested in. Unfortunately, we — as a public — are wired to be soaker-uppers of bad and bizarre news.

We like good news, too. My reporter friends get tired of the same old stuff. I think that’s why they lapped up this good news piece like a kitten takes to a saucer of milk.

Quoting Pam Cloud’s extended feature in the Times Record:

Anthony Johnson was just going about his business as a city sanitation collection professional when something in a recycling can caught his eye.

The 17-year employee of the Fort Smith Department of Sanitation noticed a completed deposit slip clipped to cash as he was going along his daily route.

“I thought ‘that’s not supposed to be there,’” said Johnson, 39, who lives in Fort Smith. “I pulled it out of the trash and knocked on the door and returned it back to the owner.” Full Story

Mr. Johnson gave back the money because it was the right thing to do. It’s neat that the resident recognized his honesty. I think something else strikes me just as much as the honesty; how the HECK did he see a deposit slip clipped to some cash??? Here’s a guy who’s paying attention as he works. The example he sets makes me want to pay much closer attention to what I’m doing.

Wayyyytago, Anthony!

[Disclosure: I’m employed by the City of Fort Smith]

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