Breaking Hog Saga Reports

Associated Press mentions Houston Nutt as successor to Bill Parcels in Dallas?

Ohhhhh myyyyyy!

Whether it’s true or just speculation, I’m stunned by the, well, “thought process” that brought this scenario into a news story. Yeah, I’m helping fuel the flame simply by acknowledging the report. But, come ON! This whole Hog thing just gets thillier and thillier. 🙄

Thpeaking of thilly. Think of Nutt and TO hanging out together on the field. At least Houston wouldn’t be dealing with Owens’ mommy.

5 thoughts on “Breaking Hog Saga Reports

  1. I like this excerpt best:
    “The parents of Mustain, tight end Ben Cleveland and flanker Damian Williams expressed alarm over “the direction of the program” in a December meeting with athletic director Frank Broyles. They spoke of dismay over the lack of passing in Arkansas’ offense. They issued statements in which they all agreed the head coach should have the final say on football matters, which was mighty darn big of them. Mustain, in a book on Springdale’s 2005 football team, ripped Arkansas coach Houston Nutt.”

    And…methinks Texas is PPPPERFECT for Mitch and his mama.

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