100% Chance of Snow

Last night at dinner an old friend tried to bet me there’d be snow north of the Bobby Hopper Tunnel on 540 betwixt Alma and Fayetteville. We never could get him to narrow down a more specific locale. Dunno if Chicago saw snowfall today, but all we got here in Fort Smith is r-a-i-n. Dang, it ain’t even cold!

Sleet, snow, and freezing rain are normally required for the big tamale-makin’ we had at my folks house in Lavaca tonight. I think we ended up with 150 or so — for 8 adults and 2 fabulous young men.

Got home late and was seeing what kind of online fun I missed this afternoon, and I found this post from my new cyber pals from Oklahoma.

Erudite Redneck (Did I spell it right this time, ER? ;))

How to jinx a heavy snow forecast

Be silly enough to put “100 percent” chance of snow in the forecast, which is what Oklahoma City TV did last night. Pbthth.

Five to 10 inches, they said. Ha ha. This morning, just north of OKC, the flakes came five to 10 feet apart, every five to 10 minutes.

Someday I hope to meet ER and Dr. ER. She’s gotta be a HOOT!

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