Marshals Service Museum

It’s difficult to know our specific next steps until we’ve met with the Director of the U.S. Marshals Service, his legal and finance team, the public affairs office and, of course, the historian of the Service.

The most pressing questons are, “How big is it gonna be, how much is it gonna cost, and where does the money come from?” Well, we’re working on that — the proper answers will require a great deal of research and study from people whose business is building and designing museums.

Anyway, I try to keep work-related issues from spilling over into my personal blog. This museum project has gotten under my skin. We all tend to live, breathe, and sleep the project. We’ve immersed ourselves into the business of museum design and management. We know enough to analyze the process, and recognize a good plan, but we’re neophites at executing such plans. So hopefully we’ll soon turn this bad boy over to real museum and fundraising professionals who know how to capitalize on the tremendous support from our region.

Meanwhile, enjoy reading news stories in the Times Record today and the day before.

 Pam Cloud

Aaron Sadler

Thoughts? Concerns? Ideas? I’m listening.

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