The Whole Hog

When I use the Google to search Mitch Mustain, the national headlines make us out to look pretty stupid.

  •  Undefeated frosh QB leaves program
  • Mess continues

  • Hometown boy gets treated bad by home school

Man, Arkansas’ sports program is getting killed. I hate that! The turmoil and uncertainty for college teammates. What a miraculous season on the field. Was it really that tough in the locker room, in the dorms, and on the practice field?

They’re supposed to be in college, learning a skill, a profession, learning how to win and how to act when you lose.

Where did this stop being about the student athletes? I dunno. Last night I teed up on Broyles and Nutt. Who am I to do such a thing? I dunno what happened. What I read in the papers about myself is often inaccurate or provides an incomplete account of the entire situation.

I write here occasionally about perception, perspective, all that stuff. Maybe I should just respect the men and women at the center of the pig squealing on the hill. And remember what my daddy says, “They got it fixed so it ain’t costin me nuthin. They can do what they want.”

Frank clearly loves his Razorbacks. Heck, Houston does, too. I don’t doubt that for Gus and Mitch, the chance to play at Arkansas was a dream turned nightmare — for whatever reason.

I’d really like to help McFadden win a Heisman next year. T’would be good for Arkansas. I can’t think of a nicer, more humble young man to win the honor. As a fan, that’s the extent of my comments — my apolgies to friends and supporters of Broyles and Nutt.

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